At this time it could be tempting to steer clear of social marketing due to a fear of not saying the right thing or looking like you’re cashing in on a crisis, however, now is the time to connect and engage with your followers. Providing useful information, along with positive company news, is a great way to connect. We’re going to come through this tough time, so maintaining your brand identity is important, social marketing carried out correctly will enable you to travel with your followers on this difficult journey.

  • Now is the time to review your social marketing plan, there will be posts on there that might be best saved for the future. Your plan will also need to take into account the business goals, these will likely have changed for the next quarter.
  • Think about how you can help your followers in this difficult time. What are your followers and customers looking for at this moment? This needs to be adaptable as the situation is changing daily. Can you adapt your services to better suit current need? BUT without using the situation as a reason for your marketing.
  • Have you changed your business hours or format of delivery, for example? If so, announce this. With people being confined to their homes, they won’t be passing your door, social media is your new front window.
  • Keep your communication clear, to cut through the panic and news heavy posts you need to think carefully about the graphics that go with your communication, brand colours with simple font or images with an obvious meaning work well.
  • Post about positive company news stories, our social feeds are clogged with bad news, sharing some positive news on how your employees are adapting to remote working is relatable. It’s something we’re all going through and gives a break from the bad news stories.
  • Make people laugh! Have you had a funny conference call experience involving your children or pets? Let’s face it, it’s going to happen to all of us over the weeks ahead. It’s nice to feel that it’s not just us sat there in our PJ trousers, with a smart top on, for that Zoom call! With social distancing in place, person to person interaction isn’t happening, social can be used to bridge that gap.

Above all, engage with your followers, after all, social marketing is called social for a reason!!


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