Ok so you may not have the budget of John Lewis to enable you to craft a smash hit Christmas ad, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t add some festive cheer to your newsfeed.  We like to think of ‘decorating’ your social channels for Christmas like decorating your house, you want to be somewhere in the middle of a full light display with garlands galore and a lonely tree with a wreath on the front door. It obviously depends on your brand and area of business as to how, ‘out there’, you go with your theming too!

Like everything with your marketing plan, start early, preplanning is the key to success. Trying to bash out a festive cover image on December 1st (ok sorry we probably should have posted this a few months ago!!) is not only stressful, but probably won’t produce the best results. Maybe start thinking about your festive plans in September, after all, this is when the shops bring out their Christmas choccies nowadays, so why not join them?! Think about your message, your customer and what they are looking for, this will give you a basis for your plan. Also consider whether you want to invest extra budget for your festive plan.

Once you have a plan in place (even if it was formulated this week!!), you can start to create festive images and themed content around your marketing goals. Whether your brand is ecommerce or not, consumers expect some festive cheer, you don’t have to go overboard but it’s a great way to show some personality. Your festive campaign will be based around your brand ethos and regular content pillars, for example, if your brand focus is your team, creating festive images involving them would work well. Your profile and cover images can be made festive by adding some tasteful snowflakes or holly and ivy sprigs, or colours such as red, green and gold. You can even add a Santa hat to your logo if you’re feeling really festive!

Finally, people love a behind the scenes view of your business, so images from events such as; Christmas jumper day, Christmas lunch, secret Santa gift giving can work really well to increase engagement and show the fun side of your team.

Keep a look out for our Christmas branding… it’s coming very soon!  ?


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